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Our mission
IH Language Centre
Development Center

Bd. C.D.LOGA nr. 11
Tel.: (+40)(0)256 49 05 93
Fax: (+40)(0)256 29 50 77
Email: iforumtm@iforum.ro
Internet: http://www.iforum.ro

20 DE ANI 1992-2012


Development Center
The center is involved in the development of educational programs for youth, the reform of the civil society, supports personal and professional development as well as the development of critical thinking, chance equality, intercultural and civic education, with an accent on strenghtening respect for human rights, diversity of opinions and minority integration.

We promote the principles of an open society supporting all its members, regardless of ethnicity, disabilities, sexual orientation, residence, education etc., providing educational programs facilitating personal and professional development, as well as integration within a society facing transition.

The center organizes awareness campaigns and counseling through training sessions, workshops and conferences focusing on permanent learning skills.

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