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Bd. C.D.LOGA nr. 11
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20 DE ANI 1992-2012


We started our activity in January 1992, with the first private English language center in Timisoara. It had 3 classrooms and 3 British teachers. On February 2nd 1992 we started the first English course, attended by 270 adults. In May 1993, the Center became a standalone non-profit organization, named "International House Language Center". The revenues of the Center came from fundraising and education services.

In 2001 we changed our name to "International Forum Foundation", reflecting the expansion of the scope of our activity in the field of educational projects related to life long learning, community integration etc. These projects are managed through the Development Center that operates as a department of the Foundation, together with the Center for Modern Languages.

We are currently located in a beautiful building situated on CD Loga Street, in the historical center of the city, where we provide our students with 7 classrooms and an educational logistic that meets European quality standards.

We have unfolded a variety of European integration projects: LLP (Life Long Learning - Grundtvig, Lingua), Phare - Civic Education, training projects funded by the OSI and other cultural projects or partnerships, such as the Spanish Language and Culture project funded by the International Development Agency attached to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Last year we celebrated 20 years of activity.

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