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Our mission
IH Language Centre
Development Center

Bd. C.D.LOGA nr. 11
Tel.: (+40)(0)256 49 05 93
Fax: (+40)(0)256 29 50 77
Email: iforumtm@iforum.ro
Internet: http://www.iforum.ro

20 DE ANI 1992-2012


Language training: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese

Here at International House, learning languages is an active process, based on methods focusing on the main actor: the student. As opposed to the traditional system of learning languages, students are involved in vibrant, collaborative classes.

Grammar and vocabulary are integrated in creative group activities, based on active listening and effective speaking. Lessons are structured so that all students participate actively, enjoying a pleasant, efficient learning experience. The objective is to determine students to communicate naturally and fluently. Translation is avoided, teachers using the studied language in order to explain new concepts and render meaning.

More information about our language classes here.
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